DONGXIN NEW MATERIALS was founded in 2002, Mr. Guo Shaojun create SHANDONG DONGXIN NEW MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. in Houzhen industrial Zone, Shouguang city, Shandong province. The company relies on the abundant local underground brine resources, in the production of basic chemical raw materials, such as bromine, industrial salt. After years of hard work, has formed an annual output of 1500 tons of bromine, 60000 tons of industrial salt. Established a good foundation for the development of Dongxin Chemical group.

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Dongxin Chemical will be in accordance with "the development of recycling economy, the realization of sustainable development", based on the current market, increasing the investment of technology and fund lengthen the industrial chain, the construction of environmental friendly enterprise, achieve company green development……
The company has established a standardized quality management system according to the requirements of ISO9001: 2000 version, all quality activities strictly follow the ICHQ7A guidelines and ISO9001 standard requirements, a solemn commitment to provide satisfactory quality service for the customer.
The company has a professional laboratory, advanced experimental and production equipment, and has a senior technical R & D personnel and laboratory engineer. In order to develop new products and ensure product quality, it made fully human and technical support.
We provide a superior working environment for our employees to work, so that our products are really hard to produce quality products.
"A person of ability is the first wealth of enterprises!" Company to develop, the staff is the main, personnel is the guarantee. The country has stood by the person of ability, the company is also prosperous with the person of ability. No outstanding talent to the fore, there is no company development; no overall improvement in the quality of staff, there is no comprehensive improvement in the level of company.
Our products have passed many quality control and quality management, and strictly according to the quality of the ISO9001, the quality of products is absolutely guaranteed.
After layers of checks, our products will be recognized by the market, which in the industry to get a variety of honors.
Our products have the most comprehensive and authoritative quality assurance our company has obtained the title of the integrity company many times, so as to ensure the clients interests is guaranteed, truly trust products, the integrity of the company.
Our products have been sold in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Asia and other countries. Obtained high opinion from many customers.
High efficiency operation, in the shortest time response customer demand, to ensure that the pre-market after-sales service to achieve perfection. If you have the special requirements and suggestions for the company's products and services, the company staff specializes in products support will also actively communicate and cooperate with you, make full use of the company's resources, as far as possible provide products and services to your satisfaction.

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